i cannot say much, but it was a sad outcome. two of my idols passed. and i bet many more have left us. For those families/friends/colleagues that left us, I sincerely send my condolences to you.

but... lets get to the Brightside

i have the greatest fans/supporters in the world. i sincerely want to say thank you to the Basco family this whole entire year, they were the family that believed me since day one and till this day have been helping me maintain my artist mental/emotional state; which I cannot express my deepest thanks to. I appreciate every member of the Basco family this year soo much.

to my uncle dean and auntie sandy; i really appreciate you giving me an opportunity to be one of the faces of the business and its been an honor. I will never drop this opportunity because i have met the most wonderful people out in the city of Orange. The past couple of weeks were a true statement of the word "gratefulness" and I definitely understood what that meant this year. I appreciate all the customers/regulars that come by and say hello and appreciate our services; and our chef and our vendor family you know who you are; cannot express the words to be in the front lines with you serving some good delicious food to the city of Orange. And for those customers that has been 1000 with me during their quartine; i would like to send my condolences and prayers if and whomever is sick and has passed this year.


my fans... new ones that found me on that spanking spotify playlist and old ones that told me to keep on going and believing in my music and wondering if..

"fuzzzy dropping more songs...."

yeah i will. you will see.. i have seen alot of boost of numbers and people enjoying my music. that has been amazing. thank you for the folks out in Korea showing mad love. Thank you for alll the global listeners; yall hella far but yall seem the close to me.

lets make 2021 smooth like butta.

or like margarine

but i know it cant a be ghee..


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