Lae What Do You Want (Feat FUZZZY)

Lae. North Carolina. The best!

Had to meet Lae over Instagram. She was such an amazing soul. Really awesome vibes. I wanted to be part of something amazing with her.

This song is for Breonna Taylor. What do you want? This is for George. Ahmaud. This is for Trevon, This is for Eric. And sadly, Ima ask again. WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHY? WHY?

Meshed up with some funk,rnb, and soul.




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#NEWMUSICMONDAY apple juice what does it mean? which alcohol looks like apple juice? <3 peace be with you my friends. try not to get mad. ill try my best.

FUZZZY - Apple Juice

gotta hide what you drink... so you know what type of people i was with. :X but you want to have a good time what can you do. Doesn't it look like apple juice doesn't it? -be safe during this time. <3