i dunno if you heard this song already.

but as you can see the title speaks for itself.

So this song was actually written the start of this year.

again, this process was simple.

  1. pick up the guitar.

  2. blabber mumble until words figure themselves out

  3. then automatically the 1 verse to the hook

  4. record that "freestyle/premeditated/god gift/universe bless/pachamamas gifts" and rewrite curtain lyrics,

  5. hook was bomb so I ended up writing the 2nd verse; (to me 2nd verse can be the different angles/a hint of different outcomes/but steady trying to maintain the same story.

Finally it was done.

When the year started I had a tough time. but 2020 started rough. And usually I write sad songs, but this was happy.;

Just want I need for this year.



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