and again. to that word.

currently we are being neglected. and yes it hurts. some of us is not heard, and some of us are taken away and spoken and talking to Peter at the gates to see what happens to the rest of their lives.

just wanted to let you know that you are not. i have decided that i need to focus on space that i have given to my fans/listeners/family.

Hope your doing great? Hope your safe! Hope everyone that you love is safe!

sending my prayers and love.




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i always loved the asoto union ver. (must check out, it sounds like reggae/hiphop/ska. its my favorite. s/o royce hyung. (one of the biggest musical influence in my life)) I never knew Sam Kim, I love


"Sorry my apologizes!" "Oh no its okay! It happens! It fine are you okay?" okay. soak that in. Cause it never happens. It was written in our rules on the wall kindergarten/elementary school to be nice