Shaggy - It Wasnt Me.

Slum Village - Selfesh

FUZZZY - Goddess Lady

What do you when you see a girl and she got the utmost confidence she walks in the door?

Or when your make up is on top moment. Ladies. This song.

FUZZZY - They just waiting sipping

So, give props to my talented brotha Nelson Park. (Nelsons Hyung picture are in Hypebeast. Nike etc) and he gave me this picture to me to use. It remind me a night in Koreatown.

No joke,... this is how usually is. :)


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i always loved the asoto union ver. (must check out, it sounds like reggae/hiphop/ska. its my favorite. s/o royce hyung. (one of the biggest musical influence in my life)) I never knew Sam Kim, I love


"Sorry my apologizes!" "Oh no its okay! It happens! It fine are you okay?" okay. soak that in. Cause it never happens. It was written in our rules on the wall kindergarten/elementary school to be nice