the concept of "going your way"

So after I came back from tour last year in September in Korea.

I have learned a lot.

Walk your Walk. DOnt know about bring you down.

Although my not there like all my friends or people that are famous now; I believe one thing; they walked their walk.

Nobody brought them down, No object/ thing brought them down. No idea of safety brought them down.

Their dreams let them walk their walk.

Hope this brings you some joy <3


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#NEWMUSICMONDAY apple juice what does it mean? which alcohol looks like apple juice? <3 peace be with you my friends. try not to get mad. ill try my best.

FUZZZY - Apple Juice

gotta hide what you drink... so you know what type of people i was with. :X but you want to have a good time what can you do. Doesn't it look like apple juice doesn't it? -be safe during this time. <3