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the truth about the Hell in the Cell.

I am a huge wrestling fan.

If you ask something particular. I'm gonna go crazy. I can tell you moves and why it works and what it all does because my father is a grandmaster in the Arts of Tae Kwon Do. Even a man that did real martial art at one point thought its okay to watch wrestling, because of the essences. and yes, tell you everyting about late 70-current wrestling stuff.

Thank god! My Uncle Dean was a huge wrestling fan. At one point at a house show (which is a show that is not filmed and aired, part of the tour as they did the 70-80s prior the taping city), Uncle Dean threw (and yes, back in the 80's Check out ECW can i borrow a chair on youtube).a plastic cup at the famous and scary Big John Studd. And yes.. Kayfabe is a bitch in that era. So, Uncle Dean said, I literally, "shit my pants."

But this, Undertaker and Mankind... is one of the greatest storylines in wrestling why?

the birth of Hell in a Cell. Prior there was a Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker

but it did not get as ovation and love as this match.

Guys remember, wrestling is fake, but it's not. Again wrestling is fake, but it's not. Why? 100% punch has to be manipulated to make it look real. Its like conspiracy-like games can be fixed because the players can make it look like they are making mistakes because they are SO good. (for example; soccer. football. baseball) The concept of these men willing to get punched a battered and bruised is quite a "circus" type of is quite magical in my opinion.

"How do you safely beat your friend?"

check it out...



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