“History is a story that we tell another person,

It’s a good experience and sometimes it haunts the person,

In 92’ it happened, I believe it was worse

Now look at it us, the same mistakes, and taken a toll.

“Get down to the floor,!” has made these people go to the ceiling,

Where gods open arms, was the softest place that their lives where meant end at,

Some believe in King and some believe X,

But let us try to find a place that welcomes,


Love in one table just like the thanksgiving feast.

Oh sorry, another said story; that sadly repeats.”

Grandpa used to say,

"you should always learn from your mistakes or you dont care and you dont want to change/your wasting time"


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#NEWMUSICMONDAY apple juice what does it mean? which alcohol looks like apple juice? <3 peace be with you my friends. try not to get mad. ill try my best.

FUZZZY - Apple Juice

gotta hide what you drink... so you know what type of people i was with. :X but you want to have a good time what can you do. Doesn't it look like apple juice doesn't it? -be safe during this time. <3