just to inform you.

Ive been working on covers and making TikTok vids because I wasn't getting the same power and exposure from Instagram as I used it.

ain't it funny? I should like a child. I was really stressing that my numbers weren't at the top how it used to be so its been bumming me out.

those views are like how should I saw it, "billboard value", and it seems like instagram is putting "zoning" laws hahaha!

A bit of that stress, buuutt. I cannot complain because every moment being alive and spending time with my family has been amazing. These moments talking with you has been amazing. Just wanted to sincerely share this with my groups/fans and say..

thank you for making my dreams come true.


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i always loved the asoto union ver. (must check out, it sounds like reggae/hiphop/ska. its my favorite. s/o royce hyung. (one of the biggest musical influence in my life)) I never knew Sam Kim, I love


"Sorry my apologizes!" "Oh no its okay! It happens! It fine are you okay?" okay. soak that in. Cause it never happens. It was written in our rules on the wall kindergarten/elementary school to be nice