"how can i ignore

i can i excuse the door and keep my eyes looking somewhere,


shit thats glowing

you fly and i cant keep ignoring

you showing cause you got the goodies to give

a seed there a rock right here

but yous a queen

peach ride that car so fast that you cant catch her


let me get close

let me ask those questions that i wanna know

21 questions is a game we all play

let me get closer we play

let me hold your hand and say you smile we play

we play

just play

dont say"

you get the point ;)


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#NEWMUSICMONDAY apple juice what does it mean? which alcohol looks like apple juice? <3 peace be with you my friends. try not to get mad. ill try my best.

FUZZZY - Apple Juice

gotta hide what you drink... so you know what type of people i was with. :X but you want to have a good time what can you do. Doesn't it look like apple juice doesn't it? -be safe during this time. <3