#tuesdaysoundcloud On My Boogie Tip


im on this boogie boogie tip

went to the gallery

look at the picture and it makes me think

just like that

just like that

nothing more

like a cappacino with a oatmilk

just like that

i dont want nothing else

but i always want something else

but the outside scary and the glarry juding eyes

i rather be in that picture and always have that sunshine and smiles

i bet it be that bill murray fliq

repeat it goes i dunnno

i rather pick soul

then let that van go

dead bodies sweet goodies for the salvadors deli

gimme a picture of a coochi opticaul illsuion okeefe?

i be smoking in the restrooms of these galleries

these galleries


i wanna pinky ring

i wanna pinky stones with everything with come

fries wid with it

super size if you dont got i upgrade to it

first class put it in my card i got

i racked and stacked that 14 hrly

i still got that confused question mark constantly

rather be in the painted person kicking in them flamigos in the blue orchid

wearing my el captain smoking cristos

my cristos


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