#tuesdaysoundcloud Shake Them Shakles

shake them shackles,

it all depends how you look at it.

shackles is things you have to sacrifice in order to get what you want.

but do you have to "sacrifice" every fucking day?

How tough can that be?

Sometimes you gotta let things go.

"sorry couldnt be your type

sorry i couldnt pay shit on time

i got problem i say

i know you gotta too but wait

these shakles are everywhere

dare and command ill see beware

thats why we wear underwear?

comment this

cause the video is viral

i see this cycle of denial

we got something that dont make me free

even happy ones

smile and fake the funk

the groovy ones


really ill pay for it

every loves ben at parties and you know

with ben you dont get shit and you blow it

and with ben you roll deep and you smoke it"

that part his me hard.

lmk what you think <3


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