#wednesdaycover Ella Jay/DJ Basco GrowupKids

Ella is my guitar student, and yes Ella is Cassandra Cain.

She is a badass; and so honored and happy that she is my students.

Now she is a blues soloing rock star ;), sorry that was a secret.

And who is Darrell? DJ is my brotha and Ella's real brother. he is the man with the lyric and the person behind this song. DJ/Ella ask, FUZZZY; can you figure something out for us. Im always down to help these dudes make an amazing track.

Alot of people love this track "Grow Up Kids" its really deep and very sweet. I hope you guys enjoy it <3


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i always loved the asoto union ver. (must check out, it sounds like reggae/hiphop/ska. its my favorite. s/o royce hyung. (one of the biggest musical influence in my life)) I never knew Sam Kim, I love


"Sorry my apologizes!" "Oh no its okay! It happens! It fine are you okay?" okay. soak that in. Cause it never happens. It was written in our rules on the wall kindergarten/elementary school to be nice