#mondaymusic FUZZZY - $$uck

What is this song about?

Why did I write a song called $$uck?


the first sample is a Simon Cowell, and the auditionee says, "No I'm Great!," and Cowell says no. So, this is a the issue.

"what do you do when you know your resume, your work, your body of work and etc are something you have to prove yourself, but your not getting your version of you or your goals, so you ask, do i suck?"

Very dark question very dark place right? But as a creative, you seriously think we are all happy and deep thinking druggies. This thought is SCARY! horrible. Daunting. You are the only person that yourself, "you got this", but sometimes those voices are the best. But the scary thing its our voice.

Now, there is a thing behind the "$$", if you don't have the money you suck. Period. Your lifestyle and how you live as an artist is a question to ask yourself. I know artist that don't have hmm, the same lifestyle you think they have. because they have to meet "budget" for their music to go. So its a business. Broke man is a mad man as they say. My favorite song, "Nobody Knows You" - ERIC Clapton (Oringally Scrapper Blackwell),

"Once I lived the life of a millionaire, Spent all my money, I just did not care. Took all my friends out for a good time, Bought bootleg liquor, champagne and wine.

Then I began to fall so low, Lost all my good friends, I did not have nowhere to go. I get my hands on a dollar again, I'm gonna hang on to it till that eagle grins.

When you finally get back up on your feet again,

Everybody wants to be your old long-lost friend.

Said it's mighty strange, without a doubt,

Nobody knows you when you're down and out."

A shitty cook can have people eating at their cause restaurant because of PR. Imagine a guy that worked 5 years under a 5 star Michelin cook doesn't have a business. How will that make him feel?

I want you to see a positive perspective.


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FUZZZY - Apple Juice

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