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hold it i said,

hold it i said to you


there something i said

that it was wrong

so wrong


my anger put me to that

my anger put me to that

i broke your heart and said these stupid things

i hate about you

my anger made me a fool

im losing you

im losing you

dont go

please just stay

we build this castle

as flame slowly builds

as everything is gone

2nd verse:

how do i go to the first

there is no way

no flux capature

i miss you

i cant hold

but its all spinning my head

how foolish i am

breaking you


it was wrong for me say those words

it something that was building up

and that i couldnt say

man it was calculated

all thought out

got me not know it came out of the blue

broke me and you crying

it was hard to say something to else after that right

im so sorry for make this problem worse

i shake my head.

i shake my head.

(PSA: alot of times my lyrics dont make sense, its really my scratches, I hope you understand all my mistakes <3)

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