if i can i wish, and would love to wish

i can get the superheroes in one room

small or big it dont matter the talk is going to be spoke about the doom

if there is evil there is a good

if there is symbols, and we are learning what it stood

the more we know and the more we see

the worse we are at we learning the enemies discrete.

remember, one wins and one loses.

please just one day.

no one loses.



how do i deal with the violence they have upon us.

eye against eye

fuck you they took me another just died.


so many to count but...

where are we when we are fighting for right?


are we taking advantage of "rampage" "revolt"

at time cant go out.


but remember the dead cant say a word.

i wonder what they think above..


if we can sit in a room

and listen

and listen to the scar that exist

not point fingers just listen.

and funny thing,

i bet its all an assumption.

no need for money

just tea or coffee

food can shared.

what is your fear? what have (we) done to hurt you?

ask the honest question to say

i love you im sorry forgiveness.



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