grandma is my mothers mom

my mother is my mom

grandma is getting old

grandma is having hard times being her younger self

she was young

just like me

she was a mother

just like my mom

so as you can see

I miss my grandmothers mom.

grandmothers mom, my greatgrandmother

i miss you so.

i have been so horrible when you were here

and so mean.

i didn't even get to say bye correctly

constantly your on my mind

i wish i can hug you, I wish I can kiss you

tell you that i miss you

Tell you that I'm sorry

one last thing is to have some rice and marinated meat in soy sauce with you favorite pickled ginger; I wish to speak to you have that meal with you.



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#NEWMUSICMONDAY apple juice what does it mean? which alcohol looks like apple juice? <3 peace be with you my friends. try not to get mad. ill try my best.

FUZZZY - Apple Juice

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